Warhol Spirit by Absolut

Some things in life are iconic - like a red phone booth in London, Marilyn Monroe or a Chanel tweed jacket (couldn’t leave fashion out of it sorry!). Imagine my enthusiasm when two iconic forms from two completely different fields decided to join forces. Absolut Vodka is launching a limited edition bottle, Warhol Spirit by Absolut, tomorrow, on October 1st here in New York City!!

This event will be all about honouring Warhol’s iconic artwork and the initial collaboration between the two back in 1986. Collaborating with three independent artists who will aim to translate Warhol’s recorded voice into one of a kind visual and sound effects, this event is bound to be a truly unique experience celebrating pop art, creativity and innovation.

And if you’ve thought that’s all there is to it – well, you are wrong! This campaign has too many surprises in store for its audience so watch this space to learn more soon!

Find out more about Warhol Spirit by Absolut here


With September coming to an end, temperatures are dropping and unfortunately the weather is becoming more wintery by the day. Wearing backless tops or dresses in winter can be tricky but with proper layering it can add a sense of freshness to your outfit - so go ahead and give it a try. Enjoy your weekend :)

Photos & editing by Amber Tea.

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  1. Top: Urban Outfitters (alternatives here, herehere)
  2. Pants: Stradivarius (alternatives here)
  3. Hat: H&M (alternatives here)
  4. Bag: Saint Laurent (here & here)


A new post full of colour to brighten up the end of the week! 

Photos & editing by Amber Tea

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  1. Dress: Topshop (alternatives here & here)
  2. Boots: H&M (alternatives here, here & here)
  3. Leather Jacket: Mango (alternatives here & here)
  4. Bag: Saint Laurent (here)