Home Decor - Old Meets New

 How many of you have drooled over home design images in Pinterest, wishing you could have that unique piece of furniture in your own house? How many of you have saved thousands of those images hoping that you would someday come across such a wow piece or even decide to create such a piece yourself? Well, the good news is that the wait is over. Mrs. E is here to make your dreams come true!!

Using old, abandoned furniture as her primary materials, Mrs. E re-invents and transforms such furniture into modern, colourful and multifunctional wow pieces that can elevate your space in a nutshell. If my testimony is not enough, have a look for yourselves.

All furniture can be customised to your own taste and needs without compromising the creator’s vision and aesthetic.

For contact information and orders: eleonorasym@live.com

Furniture can be shipped worldwide.