The Party

As soon as I got the party photos into my hands, all I could feel was jealousy that I had missed one of the best parties that had ever taken place back home in Cyprus. Bright colors, pop-art inspired pieces, loud music and drinks - what more could someone ask for?

The party had a true interactive nature. Upon their arrival guests were asked to take a portrait picture of themselves and by the end of the night the venue was filled with polaroid pictures of the guests hanging down all around the room.  Multi-colored lights had been installed in the hallway allowing the guests to take photos of themselves as if they were part of Andy Warhol's iconic art. A young Cypriot artist, Artemis Psathas, was creating an art piece during the night allowing the guests to see the creative process and examine the piece. 

This party was without a doubt an unforgettable night for anyone who had the chance to attend. A party that stayed true to Andy Warhol and his art and celebrated the collaboration between the artist and Absolut Vodka.