Emerging Talent: Ivi Kyratzi

I’ve known Ivi for years now and I’ve always been impressed by her dedication, enthusiasm and hard work. So it came as no surprise that soon after her graduation from Parson’s The New School of Design in New York, she has launched her own jewellery line of handmade body chains, handchains and footchains. What’s unique about her jewellery line is that it’s composed of playful accessories that can be worn in anyway you want. Ivi actually encourages her customers to choose the piece that suits their style best and wear it in a way that truly represents who they are. What impressed me even more is the packaging of the jewellery: a glass test tube with a smaller glass tube inside carrying her name tag and a short quote.

The first group of jewellery in this collection is the Infinity group which includes bodychains, handchains and footchains made out of 14K Gold Filled and Sterling Silver chain and Swarovski crystals. This group is named Infinity because of its shape which looks like an infinity symbol ∞ and also because of its meaning.

The Eternity group consists of bodychains and handchains made out of 14K Gold Filled and Sterling Silver chain, a dreamcatcher metal jewel/charm and Swarovski crystal details. This group is named Eternity cause the dreamcatcher lines within the circle seem eternal and never ending.

The Reality group consists of odychains and handchains made out of 14K Gold Filled chain and 14K Gold Filled beads. This group is also available in solid gold. 

Find more information on Ivi Jewelry here

You can buy Ivi Jewelry online at Etsy.com and for those of who are in Cyprus you can find them at Amicci boutiques in Nicosia and Limassol.