It’s a lazy afternoon and I am wondering around online shops looking for new pieces to add to my wardrobe. Coming across an amazing coat, I fall in love. It has that wow factor, but unfortunately it has an “ouch” factor too, its price. After a long thinking process I painfully decide to wait until sales to get it. But then I think again: how will I know when it actually goes on sale and make sure that I get it on time before someone else does? Or, is there something similar available online that is closer to my price range? 

Well, thank god for Penny to answer those questions for me. Penny was created as part of AngelHack last weekend, by two amazing guys (one of them being my bf so excuse my bias) and won first place! Its aim is to help everyday consumers with their online shopping experience by giving them the opportunity to “tag” items that they like and ask for notifications to be sent to them when these items go on sale. By installing this application on your browser you can choose items from all different kinds of online shops, add them to your wishlist and be informed when any of those items goes on sale. On a later stage, Penny aims to offer you similar choices within your price range from alternative shops/websites, providing you with choices that you weren’t really aware of.

I personally find this application super useful and it’s one that I would definitely use even if I wasn’t emotionally attached to it :) Penny is now accepting beta users so please have a look at and sign up! If you’ve got any questions or ideas for Penny, or just wanna say hi send a tweet to @usepenny.

“Let Penny watch the pennies”!

On another note, the winners of the giveaway have already been contacted. Congratulations!! :)  A huge thank you to everyone who participated. Thank you for your support guys, you are making this experience really special for me :)