ErmaRolla (part I)

Thelxia-Valeria and Andreana Frangoudes, two cousins with a shared love for fashion, are the owners of ErmaRolla Boutique. The word “ermarolla” in Greek translates into a big mirrored cupboard, and the idea behind the name of the store came from their grandmother’s cupboard, which as they say is full of treasures that they haven’t discovered yet. None of them has studied fashion before but their passion and excitement for fashion and for discovering new designers and unique pieces has led them to create this shop. Together with the girls there is another member: Giorgos Sofokleous, whose handmade pieces are found in the store.

I had the opportunity to visit their store before leaving Cyprus and try on my favourite pieces from the current fall collections, which you will see in two parts :) For those of you in Cyprus (or those planning to visit the island) make sure you stop by this store. It truly is a big cupboard full of unique, extraordinary and eccentric pieces!

Here are my favourite pieces from the store. 

Stay tuned for part II :)

You can find ErmaRolla at Athanasiou Sakellariou 113, Katholiki, Limassol